Camp Opening

Mid-May is the customary camp opening target date.  The usual tasks include emptying out the storage garage of porch furniture and the assortment of watercrafts: a 1950’s motorboat, a Grand canoe, oars and kayaks.  The main cabin needs cleaning from the family of mice who live there rent free over the winter.  The kerosene heater needs finetuning.  The water pump needs priming.  One special job this season was the completion of the bookshelves in my recently constructed office cabin overlooking the lake.  Over the winter Greg –my regular handyman and fishing buddy –and his partner Jimmy built wall-to-wall bookshelves out of cedar, filling two full walls, floor to ceiling.  I had shipped up around 1,000 books from the Florida and East Hampton houses, and my trusty assistant Ali spent a weekend sorting all the books by author and subject matter.  Sometimes I refer to this new space as my studio, where I have my office and my watercolor painting supplies and easel.  It will also have a fly-tying nook.  Once it is all completed, I will have a perfect, separate, place of privacy—100 feet away from the main cabin—where I can work and play without disturbing anyone, or vice versa.  I find it is usually the first place I go to in the morning to check my email and the last at night to steal a few moments with a good book.

                I have a list of adventures planned for the summer season.  There is a new trail guide that Wheaton’s Trust recently published.  I intend to take a few outings with my kids and friends to prove I do not always get lost in the woods. I intend to learn to drive my little 30-horsepower Johnson motorboat on my own.  It is like a Corvette when it takes off and planes at a 45-degree angle for a bit. I am building up my confidence to deal with that.  I want to explore more off-road trails in my four-wheel drive.  Last year I took the Bronco out a few times on the path up to Sucker Lake.  More of that looks like fun.  Sucker Lake – I really love it for its solitude.  I am trying to encourage a family member or two to join me and Greg for a campout there one night but no takers.  It is always the bathroom thing.  

                Being in Maine at my camp is always an exciting time for me.  Much of my enthusiasm derives from trips as a youngster to Camp Seneca, a sleepaway camp on Seneca Lake in upstate New York.  The outdoors has always attracted me despite the black flies.  I suppose that is why I enjoy fishing so much.  A bit of wilderness on the water, a good lunch and the peace and quiet way from life’s daily bubble. 

2 thoughts on “Camp Opening”

  1. Lenny, did you know Doreen is from Fort Kent, Maine. Bangor is just a few hours from where you are.
    You filled her heart with the writings of the salmon fishing. Enjoy, now eat more strawberry pie…have fun. Maybe we could rent the cabin someday. Paul & Doreen


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