A Letter From the Author

September 2021

I have many people to thank for encouraging me to write these columns. The publisher and editor of The Mountain Messenger, Carl Butz, gave me the opportunity to create a weekly column and manages without fail to find the space for it each week. My girls, Kara and Brooke, and my grandchildren, Lilly and William, were early subscribers to the paper when my column was published. Patti is the first reader of my hastily drafted thoughts before they go to my editor Ali. Thank you to Geige, who created the lovely pen and ink drawings throughout the book. Joanie, thank you for keeping the wheels turning – I can always count on you.

Since the early days of the column, my friends from our hometown of Rochester–Arnie, Bob and Harvey–have given me invaluable feedback and encouragement, especially on the columns that reference our times together. My college pals, Stef and Jerry, Lea and Mel and the Lisses have been devoted readers and constructive critics. To all my friends—Lynn, Sharon, Thom, Erik, Paul, Rich, Ted, Lys, Billy, Frank, Chris, Dan, Heath-and readers who faithfully follow along on my exploits in Here Back East: Thank you.

-Lenny Ackerman