Fresh Air

May 2022

It was a breath of fresh air coming off the Delta connection in Bangor.  Greg was waiting for me by the luggage carousel, where I joined him to watch for my fishing bag to emerge.  Baggage claim was busy.  I was surrounded by excited, happy faces, and there was an air of anticipation.   I noticed a few fishermen like me in the group among the locals returning home.  Bangor is the drop off for northern country commuters. It is the last stop before Canada and the wilderness of Aroostoock County.  

As we drove north on I-95 the air was cool and full of pine scented excitement.  The roadside trees had thickened with spring growth.  Greg filled me in on camp life since we last spoke in person in October at my 82nd surprise birthday party.  That night was a once in a lifetime experience, especially seeing Katie and Greg dressed in evening clothes –out of their usual Maine camp wear.  Now back on their home turf we caught up on post -covid life.   Katie was suffering from a continuous loss of taste and dealing with a lost appetite.  Greg still doesn’t have a cell phone.  He got along without one for 60 plus years so why get one now he says.  Per Greg, the fishing this spring is as exciting as ever.  Lake salmon and brook trout are as large as can be with trolling streamers.  The turnoff at Lincoln was a welcome sign that we were closing in on Danforth and my camp on the lake.

All very exciting and intriguing to me, as if from another universe. Returning north from Florida where only last week I fished the Loxahatchee River with Captain Charlie for snook in a flat boat to here on Maine’s third largest lake.  Now on to Restigouche in Canada for a few days of salmon fishing.  It is like a trip to the moon for me.  From one universe to another to another.  In the fishing brotherhood the people are all the same—honest and trustworthy.  Brothers of nature we are. 

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