Vaccine Day

January 2021

Thursday was sign up for Vaccine Day here in Palm Beach. There were only a limited number of spots available online and they were gone after 30 minutes. Whoever got the email and responded instantly was given an appointment. It was like a free for all and if you hesitated you lost out. What a way to handle distribution. Some folks I know have flown back to New York to get their shots. Others, such as wealthy donors and board members of a local long-term-care facility, got personal invitations to come in first for their jabs–before the residents and staff. Everyone over the age of 65 is using their network to find a way to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and for some, all bets are off when it comes to ethics. I suppose it is to be expected in these times. Like a game of musical chairs, when the music stops make sure there is a chair for you, but in this version the stakes are life or death. I am patient and will wait my turn, just like my mother taught me to do. Do not cut the line to be first for pizza at school lunch. Do not look over at Gary the math whiz’s exam for your answers. Your turn will come. Be honest. Be patient. It is amazing to me when smart people don’t follow the rules. We are seeing it in Washington with the election. Rules don’t matter when political ambitions are on the line. Constitutional law only applies to the winners! These are not good lessons for our children. Cheat, scheme, do whatever you need to do to get ahead. Watch your parents offer bribes to get you into college. Another great example. We need to put on our big boy pants and stand up occasionally for the right things. The moral things. The honest things! I am cutting this short– time to get back online. I am following the vaccine rollout and need to get in line!

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