November 2020

Thanksgiving 2020. A day that we will all remember for one reason or another. My prayers go out to the homeless that roam the streets of New York City, unable to find a regular meal, or a safe place to sleep for fear of violence. I think of the good folks who usually spend their Thanksgiving serving the homeless in the shelters. Are they wary of the close contact due to Covid? It is a cruel conundrum: the need versus the threat to everyone involved. These kind people are frontliners as are those serving in the Emergency Ward at Lenox Hill Hospital at 69th Street and Lexington. The EMT drivers leaning against their chariots of life, smoking under their cloth masks, waiting on the shrill beeping sound from their radios. The doctor who left his family early this morning to drive into the City to relieve his friend who has been on duty for the last two days, attending to a deeply scared patient on a respirator. And yet so many folks are troubled that they are not able to be with family. Yes, it is a sense of loss when you cannot spend the traditional holidays with loved ones. Get used to it buddy! We may all be in the same place next year per Dr. Fauci. Make the best of it. Compared to those living on the street, you are 1000% better off. Some people spent the summer at your Hamptons home on a new boat. Others went camping in their Range Rover. Those who are privileged to work remotely should be thankful they have a job to Zoom about. I am grateful to have a roof over my head, my health and my family – even if we can’t spend Thanksgiving 2020 together.

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