A Perfect Day

August 2020

The threat of a tropical storm was all over the internet. Everyone at Wheatons was talking about it and whether it would migrate north. We were in the projected path, but today, in our little corner of the world, the sun was shining brightly and not even a wisp of gray cloud would darken the day. Andy, my friend and local fishing guide, was rested from working only a few days during the past few weeks due to the pandemic trashing the tourist business at Wheatons. At dinner last night there were only three tables with diners, all spaciously separated. Patrick greeted us with his usual cheeriness. His wife, Sandy, was a bit more serious than usual but met me and Patti with a smile and warm welcome. I missed the hugs but not this year. So this morning Andy was ready for us having put the Old Grand canoe in the water earlier at Spednick. He knows I cannot get to Wheatons before 9:00am. He said he had saved the best fishing for us and he wasn’t exaggerating. The group of pods was not far from our landing. It was almost like the bass were waiting for our return. One of my first casts brought to the surface a 3 1⁄2 lb. beauty who ran me down to the backing like a large trout. This was a first for me. It was a glorious day. Lovely Patti beside me, a blue sky and Andy at the bow. And the fish were taking with an intensity I have never experienced before. Tomorrow is a trip into the wilderness with Ted, my next-door neighbor and friend who introduced me life on the lake in Danforth, Maine. We are going back woods off the grid to fish for native brook trout. Another splendid day in the offing. Good folks and sheltered water. The storm will have to wait.

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